Dog Lover Crate


A perfect gift for a new dog owner or to celebrate a dog you love. This gift crate covers it all from a signed Holistic Dog book to canine wellness products to a handmade stylish leash. 

Bath Soak

  • Net 3 oz each packet.
  • Ingredients: organic oatmeal, epsom salt, organic chamomile powder.
  • Avoid having your dog drink from bath water, epsom salt can act as a laxative.
  • Made in Brooklyn.

Dog Paw Balm
  • Available in lavender scent and unscented.
  • Comes in a round tin container, 2" diameter by 1" height.
  • Net 1 oz
  • For external use only. Do not over use.
  • Ingredients: Lavender essential oil (scented option), bees wax, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter.

Hassled Leash
  • Sturdy hand-tied eye splices, traditionally used by sailors, are used here to secure the handle and clasp loops.
  • Made by Chapman By The Sea
  • Comes in a wooden gift box hand burnished with a lotus.

The Holistic Dog Book