Crystal Infused Water Bottle


Our Crystal Infused Water Bottles will help you enjoy the benefits of crystals wherever you go. Just add water! Each bottle incorporates a screw-on stainless steel crystal point pod made from fair-trade, semi-precious, crystal point gemstones. This provides a modern, hygienic way to transform everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gem-water in just 7-10 minutes.

This water bottle was designed to charge and transform your water and support your mind, body, spirt and space. 

This eco-friendly gem-water bottle is made of lightweight, insulated, borosilicate glass that holds up to 18.5 oz. of liquid. FDA approved food-grade stainless steel. No harmful plastics, chemicals, or toxins. Every glass, silicone seal, and crystal are tested to the highest standards and are all BPA & Lead-FREE. The water bottle is easy to clean and purify. Enjoy at home, at work, or on the go!



Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and the go-to stone for all matters of the heart and self-healing. A calming stone, Rose Quartz attracts love and heals relationships. Using this crystal in your water helps to strengthen new and established relationships as well as increase feelings of compassion for yourself and others.


Tiger Eye is a high vibrational, protective and grounding stone. It draws individuals to you who wish to empower, assist and enhance your well- being and success. Tiger Eye will foster emotional strength, stability and balance. 


Black Tourmaline is a protective and transformative crystal. It protects against all types of negative energy (emotional, psychic, unintentional). Black Tourmaline has the ability to change dense energy into higher vibrational energy, it keeps you grounded and bolsters your own vibration and immune system. 


Amethyst is a very protective, powerful and highly spiritual crystal. A strong mental and physical healer; It enhances intuition and balances the mental body. Amethyst can calm the mind, allowing access to the knowledge you already have but could not access because it was blocked due to overthinking or stress.  Amethyst is often used in meditation, to access your higher self and to promote a deep and restful sleep.


Citrine promotes self-esteem, boosts confidence, individuality, and mental clarity. This crystal will help you feel less sensitive to criticism, help enhance your concentration levels, revitalize your mind and help you overcome phobias, depression, and fear. Citrine is considered a great crystal for promoting calmness, wisdom and finding solutions.  It will bring light to your thoughts, happiness, optimism into your life and help you face and overcome difficult situations.



Lapis Lazuli promotes self-awareness, empowerment and sharpens memory. It is a stone of truth that helps you communicate confidently and clearly.  This crystal can greatly enhance your intuition, aid in releasing unhealthy emotional ties and allows you to identify patterns and habits that are impeding your emotional growth. Lapis Lazuli is helpful in dealing with emotional turmoil and calming feelings of frustration and anger.



Product Details

  • INCLUDES: 1 Natural Crystal Gem Pod, 1 Water Bottle Base, 1 Lid, 1 Glass Bottle, & 1 Neoprene Sleeve
  • WATER SAFE: The crystals are safe to put into water.
  • CRYSTAL LENGTH: 3 - 3.5 inches
  • BOTTLE HEIGHT: 9.8 inches
  • BOTTLE DIAMETER: 2.75 inches
  • VOLUME: 18.5 oz
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 lb
  • MATERIALS: Crystal Point, Borosilicate Glass, 304 Stainless Steel
  • CARE: Hand wash components, glass bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • NOTE: The stones we sell are natural, so their size, color, and pattern will vary from piece to piece.