Remote Reiki Chakra Balancing


Is your life out of balanceFeeling out of sorts? Reiki Chakra Balancing is a 30-minute remote session that assists you in balancing your energy centers and restoring the flow of energy throughout your body and life.   When your energy centers are balanced and spinning with the perfect individual velocity, you experience greater resistance to illness, disease, stress, negativity or everyday challenges. Life flows with ease and synchronicities begin to unfold.

After a session, you will feel lighter, calmer, more balanced and able to handle life again.  You will also see marked improvements with relationships, decisions, physical health and have a more grounded outlook on life.  


The process: After you purchase a session, we will put you in touch with Christine. She will contact you regarding your appointment. Please let her know if there are any specific healing or blocks you are struggling with. Christine will follow-up via text with her session notes. 

About the expert:

Christine Bailey is a Reiki Master Teacher living in western Massachusetts. Christine's personal search for health led her to the field of alternative medicine. Christine helps facilitate healing to those individuals who have experienced trauma in their life; especially PTSD, sexual, physical and/or verbal abuse. Her intuitiveness and spiritual insight uncovers the source of many physical/emotional ailments, which assists her clients through the process of healing. Depending on the client and issues, she combines modalities which helps release "issues from the tissues" bringing healing to her clients, sometimes instantaneously. 
She is an Usui and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master / Instructor. She teaches the various levels of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) to individuals desiring to broaden their knowledge in alternative healthcare.