Planetary Ritual: Invoking the Planets - AUG 5


We all love the planets Venus and Jupiter, but sometimes we need to call on the solar spirit of the sun, the courage and assertiveness of Mars, or the discipline and focus of Saturn. We'll explore ritual as a way to connect to each planet, how to invoke the archetypes and what materials to gather to create a sacred space for this relationship. I’ll be outlining the basics and giving you the tools to personalize your own ritual when you need to call on the heavens.

AUG 5th 7:30PM

Price: $40

About the expert:

A Houston, Texas native relocated to NYC in 2001 to pursue a Fashion Design career but ultimately felt a cosmic push to expand her psychic gifts through the study of astrology and tarot, Patty sought the guidance of many talented teachers including Asa Hoffman, Rebecca Gordon of My Path Astrology and Harper’s Bazaar, Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey led by Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsay Mack, The Kepler College of Astrological Education, David Elliot and Erin Telford.

Her fascination with astrology and the tarot began when she realized that these symbolic languages provide a personalized map of our individual potentials which can lead to heightened self-awareness and liberate us from self-imposed limitations. Patty’s goal is to provide you with useful information, perspective, suggestions for practical application and greater self-acceptance. Patty is certified through the Kepler College of Astrological Education, a Level II breathwork facilitator and currently working toward certification in aromatherapy.