Emotion Code / Body Code Session


The Emotion Code is a specialized healing treatment designed to create an instant emotional release. By detecting your negative emotions trapped in your body, she works with you to release these trapped emotions, traumas, pain, and self-sabotage that are causing massive malfunction and imbalance in your mind, body, and soul.

The Body Code is a comprehensive energy balancing and healing system that finds and detects the energetic imbalances to get to the root causes of sickness and suffering, no matter if it’s in your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual bodies.

With this system, Hiromi identifies energetic, emotional, structural, toxic, pathogenic, or body system imbalances and releases them.

She also provides a customized herbs, essential oil and nutrients suggestion or types of activity your body needs to optimize your healing process, your health and wellbeing when necessary.

After a session, a client usually feels lighter, a feeling of ease and peace. The physical pains may get relieved and becomes more manageable. You will feel a shift in your addictive pattern or typical thinking habits. 

Emotion Code / Body Code Session – 45 Minutes Remote session by phone or zoom

45 minutes - $150

After you purchase, Hiromi will send you a Calendly link for scheduling and will send you a zoom link.

While you connect and speak over the phone or zoom, Hiromi will tap into your subconscious mind to identify the trapped emotions, negative energies and imbalances that are causing your current issues or conditions and she will release and restore them. This session can be for general wellness, specific physical or emotional issues, or anything that you like to address.

You will receive the session results via email when it's done.


Emotion Code / Body Code – Email Session 

Email session $99

The Emotion Code / Body Code combined Email session. It’s popular among people who have busy and demanding schedules and/or live in different time zones. 

After you purchase, Hiromi will send you an email asking for your top five issues in priority order that you want to address. These could include any health concerns, emotional problems, relationship issues, (past or present) disabilities, inabilities, work or money related issues, or anything else that might be significant. She also needs to know your date of birth to determine a time line for life events that caused a particular imbalance.

Hiromi will schedule your session upon receipt of the information and inform you when it’s scheduled.

Your session will be done based on the information that you provided, and she will email the detailed session results to you once it’s done.

 Helps for conditions: Chronic Pains, Anxiety, Depression, Undiagnosed and Diagnosed Illnesses, Addiction, Reckless Behaviors, Reproductive/Sexual Issues, Learning Disability, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Financial Crisis, Dysfunctional Relationship etc.



 About Hiromi Akiyama

Hiromi Akiyama is an integrated energy healing practitioner. She taps into your subconscious mind to identify any negatively charged energies and blocks; trapped emotions from past traumas, subconscious programing, ancestral blockage, as well as physical aspects such as structural imbalances, pathogen, toxins etc., using muscle testing method to communicate with your subconscious. Once she finds any energetic imbalances within your body, she will gently release them. This is when a transformative energetic shift is created, and your life starts to change.

Hiromi is a certified practitioner for the Emotion Code, the Body Code and Access Consciousness Bars. Her energy work is about creating the energetic shifts to clear those layers of blockages to unleash your own innate self-healing power to start transform your life.

Born and raised in Japan, she grew up with Buddhist philosophy as a part of the core value of life. She applies mindfulness and the wisdom of the ancients which is widespread in her Japanese culture to her practices.

She integrates it with the most innovative quantum technology of the individualized vibrational frequency therapy to bring the energy healing process to the next level.