Our family dynamics can significantly influence how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. Once we become aware of these influences, we have more control over our perceptions, actions and goals. Get to know your immediate family system as well as previous generations on a different and deeper level by realizing what is still impacting and influencing you today.

As you look at your family members through this fresh approach, you might discover your hidden contracts, loyalties, or unresolved conflicts that cause stressors or triggers. You will get to know yourself better, as well as the choices you have made and the patterns you keep repeating.

Join us on March 25th at 2PM for this unforgettable  workshop to discover how what is behind you, lives inside you and how you can unlock these familial portals to set yourself free.

 Workshop Outline

This two and half hour transformative workshop led by Paloma Shultz will begin with a relaxation exercise, followed by an explanation of the content. Then, you will put together your family tree focusing on your family patterns, important events, traumas and any other situations that may be impacting your life today. We will close with a visualization to integrate what has come to the surface and any insights you have gained.

 Paloma Schultz's experience as a holistic therapist, lawyer, martial artist and Reiki Master have all led to her being a highly effective Family Constellation facilitator that is focused on all aspects of your wellbeing.  A Brazilian living in the US for almost 8 years, she also practices Reiki with crystals, Shamanic, Karuna, and Access Bars.

Paloma conducts private Intuitive sessions by appointment that combine all these modalities at The Holistic Home Company on Tuesdays. For more information or to book an appointment, please go to: www.palomaschultz.net

Instagram: @_palomaschultz