The Holistic Home School of Feng Shui Online Certification is currently underway. (January 18th 2024 and end March 7th 2024.)

There are 7 zoom classes every Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST 


The next cycle will be May 2024. 

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The Holistic Home School of Feng Shui is based on a modern, relevant and comprehensive approach to connecting your mind, body and spirit to your space. The Mind attributes cover the psychology of how you dwell and the subconscious symbolism you surround yourself with. The Body portion covers all the physical aspects; the aesthetics of design, levels of organization, furniture positioning, colors, sustainability, electrical magnetic fields, health and more. The facets of Spirit are the unseen energies, the soul of a home, its energy and atmosphere. Only by examining and addressing all three of these parts and looking deeper beneath the surface, can authentic and long lasting transformations in your space and self occur.

Spring 2024 we will have an in-person retreat in beautiful East Chatham, New York for a small group. You will gain a deeper understanding of your space and self and be empowered to begin a career in helping others transform their lives.

The 5 day course will be led by Laura Benko, who has created this groundbreaking, original style of Feng Shui that Architectural Digest calls “a modern take on an ancient concept.” She was chosen by New York Magazine for their “City’s Best” edition as the best Feng Shui expert and her best selling book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit and Space has won the GOLD from the Independent Publishers Book Awards. The Holistic Home book has also become the foundation for an AIA credited class for established architects at Pratt, making it the only Feng Shui program in the country that shares its program content with an institution on this academic level. Other experts in Mind, Body and Spirit will be instructing as well and each day will begin with a Yoga class.

There are many ways in which this course will be unique, and it really will be because of you. The curriculum is listed below, but after you complete a questionnaire and speak with a course instructor, lectures will be added or adjusted according to your specific needs, interests or what is intuitively felt to have the biggest impact for you.

Where - The location is upstate New York in East Chatham, which is on the northern edge of the Hudson River Valley, two and a half hours drive north from New York City or a 40 minute drive south from Albany. The retreat house itself is nestled in woods and offers private rooms or a shared room. Bathrooms are shared.

Activities - There will be a range of activities offered, such as yoga every morning, a guided hike, meditation sessions and reiki. 

Course Work - This will be an Intensive Workshop with rigorous Feng Shui information given, based on the book The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind Body Spirit Space. This retreat and certification will go beyond this foundation, by bringing in guest lecturers who are renown in various modalities of Mind, Body, Spirit and Space. To make it even more special, as each attendee signs up, they will be given a survey to complete and their responses and areas of interest will adjust the curriculum. The intention is to hone in on providing areas of specific interest – whether that is a favorite topic you’d like to delve into more, a subject that you’ve struggled with or what the course instructors intuitively feel you might personally benefit from.

Basic Itinerary - Check in is between 3-4pm. All guests coming into Hudson train station or Albany airport should arrange transportation to the house. After getting settled in, an introduction mixer followed by a welcome meal and a course overview will occur. Each day, there will be a daily activity offered, such as yoga, reiki or a guided hike through the countryside. Some of the group activities will be weather permitting (and might change depending upon the groups preference if there are shared requests.)

Monday through Friday will begin with a breakfast of fresh pressed juices, coffee, herbal teas and local, homemade fare. Lunch and dinner times will be determined according to the flow of the day. All food will mainly be sourced from local farms, (mostly) organic, delicious meals based on the food preference questionnaire each student will provide beforehand. Whether you are vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Keto or other, you will have an ample selection of food to enjoy. Snacks, fresh fruit, tea and water will always be on hand.

On the last day, after breakfast and packing up, the group will be transported to an off-site location for a hands on consultation. Departure, anytime from 3pm on.

Curriculum - A Brief History of Feng Shui, Chi, the Bagua Map, The Five Elements, Yin and Yang, Organization, The Health of The Home and The Aesthetics of Design. All of these topics will include ways to incorporate a fresh, modern perspective that is all inclusive of your own mind, body, spirit and space, as well as how to see that for your client. 

The Psychology of How We Dwell, Subconscious Symbolism and How Challenges in Life Manifest in the Space, How to See Imbalances and Fix Them, The Most Common Feng Shui Issues, Feng Shui’ing Your Mind, The Meaning Behind Decor Choices, How Fear Physically Shows Up in the Home, How to Tackle All Relationship Issues in Your Space, and Seeing Beyond What Your Client is Telling You.

Enhancing the Chi of your Space, Creating Sacred Spaces, Residual Energy, Effective Rituals and How to Enhance Your Intuition and Use it Effectively in your Consultations. Lessons on how to Energetically Tune In and Clear a Space will be discussed.

The Future of Feng Shui, How to Incorporate This Course Into Your Current Occupation or Practice, A Step-by-Step of How to Give Your Clients Effective, Transformational Consultations, What to Do in Uncomfortable Consultations, Corporate Consultations, How to Enhance and Protect Your Chi, and a business expert will speak about How to Market and Promote Yourself, and Ways to Increase Revenue.

For more information email us at info(at)theholistichomecompany(dot)com