5 Week Tarot Immersion Course - SEPT


This fall Majorie Gatson aka the Punk Priestess will be offering a deep Tarot immersion course for The Holistic Home Company. This course will teach one the knowledge of the 78 tarot cards (including reversed meanings) in combination with astrology. Tarot for the Punk Soul course is unlike any other, for not only will the cards be extensively covered, but Majorie’s teaching style is fun, relatable, and down-to-earth. This way her students can really understand and connect with the tarot cards with confidence and take their reading skills to the next level. Majorie’s approach to tarot is truly unique, for she has a background as an astrologer. If you love astrology and want to know how to connect your passion to tarot, this is the class for you! Tarot is an art and Majorie’s mission for her class is to help her students find their own unique voice with tarot.


September: 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29 / October: 1
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: 7-9pm EST via Zoom 

Course Overview:

Week one: we will learn a brief history of tarot and how it can be used as a form of divination in combination with astrology. We will then learn the first 11 cards of the Major Arcana starting with the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune.

Week two: we will cover the rest of the Major Arcana from Justice to the World.

Week three: we will be diving into the Minor Arcana by learning the Pentacles and Cups Suites with their correlating Court cards.

Week four: we will learn the rest of the cards in the Minor Arcana by covering the Wands and Swords Suites with their correlating Court cards.

Week five: we will learn what I like to call “The Art of Tarot’. During this week we will learn how to begin and read a tarot spread. We will be using my e-book Punk Rock Tarot Spreads as our guide on how to start reading a tarot spread for ourselves and threading a cohesive tarot story with the cards.


1.) Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. I recommend the Centennial Edition for the colors are easier on the eye and not super distracting.
This deck can be purchased here on Amazon.

2.) Journal or notebook for note taking.

3.) E-Book: Punk Rock Tarot Spreads.
Purchase here.

About Majorie:

Majorie Gatson is a NYC based tarot reader and astrologer. Her passion for tarot and astrology began at the early age of 12. This passion eventually inspired Majorie to create her own esoteric business called the Punk Priestess. Through the Punk Priestess, Majorie teaches a realistic approach to understanding and learning the art of tarot and astrology. She believes that tarot is the greatest form of intuitive therapy you will ever experience. Her mission is to inspire others to connect with their intuitive abilities and gain self-awareness through tarot.

Majorie has been reading clients professionally all over the world for over 10 years and recently, published her first eBook- Punk Rock Tarot Spreads. Her personal practice of reading tarot incorporates astrology and oracle decks in unison with her tarot cards. Tarot is the tool to realign your soul on its spiritual quest, and Majorie will help guide you on this journey.