Gold Lotus Reed Diffuser


The Gold Lotus Reed Diffuser has a clean, modern look while filling a room with your choice of two different intoxicating, alluring scent profiles - without the flame.

Good Juju: A powerful herbaceous blend of three mighty energy shifters; sage, Palo Santo and frankincense, which have been used throughout the ages to clear the atmosphere, deepen the connection to spirit and release negativity.

Relax: A soothing and balanced blend of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood that calms the nerves, promotes tranquility and encourages contemplation.



 - Instructions: Unscrew the white cap and remove plastic insert plug. Place your reeds in the diffuser and allow them to soak up the oil for at least one hour. Flip every two days.

 - Ingredients: Safflower oil, fragrance oils and essential oils.

- Lasts 3 -4 months.

- Dacron Reeds are 9" long. White Glass bottle holds 6.8 fluid ounces and is 3.30" in diameter and 3.14"H. 

- Caution. May irritate eyes and skin. Do not ingest or get on skin or clothing. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not place bottle, reeds, or cap directly on fabric or finished surface as it may cause damage. 

 - Made in Brooklyn, NY.