Goddess Massage


This 90 minute session is specifically designed for women by our Lead Female Massage Therapist, Kira. It begins with a brief 5-10 minute consultation to better understand the root cause of your mind, body and spirit issues and to understand your desired outcome. 

Kira then utilizes techniques that range from Swedish to Shiatsu to Trigger Point Therapy as she releases "issues in the tissues" that may be impeding you on a physical and emotional level. Components of personalized aromatherapy are used to foster deeper, subconscious shifts as Kira works on specific meridians, organs and muscles that might be holding on to emotions or memories on a cellular level that no longer serve you.

Whether you are suffering from painful menstrual cycles, sleepless nights, strained relationships or a stress-filled life, Kira will work on releasing emotional blockages and knots so you feel harmony within your body's rhythms. You will feel presence and awareness to yourself, and empowerment in your feminine energy. 

What to know:

    • Massage time is approximately 75 minutes. Intake beforehand is 5-10 minutes.
    • This treatment includes an abdominal massage if you are comfortable with that.
    • You will receive a crystal specifically chosen for you by Kira as a gift to take home with you.
    • This massage caters to the divine feminine energy, not biology, and invites all those who are fem-identifying folks.

About Kira:

Kira is a Shiatsu practitioner and graduate of the Swedish Institute for Health and Sciences in New York City. A native New Yorker and indigenous Central American woman, she is deeply passionate about therapy and the many ways we can feel more comfortable, confident and happy in our bodies and in our lives. She feels very happy being able to help those honor and empower the feminine energy within.