Heart-Wall Email Session - 4 Pack


Do you feel like you are blocked from feeling happy emotions, joy and love?  Often in your life, you may have found yourself in an emotionally intense situation where you create energy blockages right around of your heart. This happens when your subconscious tries to protect you from future heartaches and pains.

The more heartache you experience in your life, the more it can cause your body to create an energy wall around your heart to protect it. This wall surrounding your heart is called Heart-Wall.

Your heart is the core of your being. It’s where all your energy – your powerful frequencies - radiates out into the universe. If you have Heart-Wall, you need to take it down to unlock it so that your heart opens again. This allows you to manifest and attract what you desire, create the life you’re meant to have and give & receive love more freely.

If you feel more love in your life, you are able to feel all the positive emotions that you can feel. Are you ready to feel more love?

A Heart-Wall series of sessions consists of four Email sessions. It generally takes between two to four sessions to clear a person’s Heart-Wall. In case it takes less than four sessions to clear it, Hiromi will let you know, and you can use the remaining sessions to work on any other issues that you may want to address. Should it require an additional Session to clear the Heart-Wall, the fifth one is free to you as a bonus!


After you purchase, Hiromi will email you for your date of birth in order to determine a timeline for life events that have caused a Heart-Wall emotion.

Hiromi will schedule your session upon receipt of this information and inform you when it’s scheduled. You will receive the detailed session results once it’s done.

The subsequent sessions will be determined intuitively based on your healing processing time. Typically, the follow-up session can be scheduled after 5-7 days.


Heart-Wall Healing Benefits:

  • Allow your heart to communicate love, give love and to receive love.
  • Feel joy, love and other positive loving emotions more freely and openly.
  • Feel more connected.
  • Reactivate your spiritual and energetic communications.
  • Unlock your potential to manifest what your Heart desires.


 About Hiromi Akiyama

Hiromi Akiyama is an integrated energy healing practitioner. She taps into your subconscious mind to identify any negatively charged energies and blocks; trapped emotions from past traumas, subconscious programing, ancestral blockage, as well as physical aspects such as structural imbalances, pathogen, toxins etc., using muscle testing method to communicate with your subconscious. Once she finds any energetic imbalances within your body, she will gently release them. This is when a transformative energetic shift is created, and your life starts to change.

Hiromi is a certified practitioner for the Emotion Code, the Body Code and Access Consciousness Bars. Her energy work is about creating the energetic shifts to clear those layers of blockages to unleash your own innate self-healing power to start transform your life.

Born and raised in Japan, she grew up with Buddhist philosophy as a part of the core value of life. She applies mindfulness and the wisdom of the ancients which is widespread in her Japanese culture to her practices.

She integrates it with the most innovative quantum technology of the individualized vibrational frequency therapy to bring the energy healing process to the next level.