Learn Powerful Handwriting Traits for Self Transformation and Sucess


Handwriting is connected with your subconscious mind thus also called "brain writing". Every letter formation, size of letter, spacing between words, margins, direction of writing, slants, and more, are an accurate reflection of you.

You will learn what changes can be made in your writing to get rid of self doubts, anger, resentment, overthinking, procrastination, too much stress, hesitation, over sensitivity, mood swings, indecisiveness and more.

Self determination, willpower, self confidence, optimism, patience, focus, and calmness are all powerful traits that will be covered to help you transform, improve and succeed.

Please submit at least three days before your handwriting sample on a full unlined sheet of paper with black ball point pen. Write anything that's on your mind, just don't copy it from elsewhere. Write your signature three times.

Include your name, DOB, birthplace, occupation, future goals and why you want to join this Graphology Workshop.

Please email this information to info(at)theholistichomecompany(dot)com

Class will be offered via Zoom. We will send you the link the morning of the class date.


Price: $48

About the expert:

Aishwarya Agarwal is the Graphologist and Founder of handspeaks.com. She conducts Online Workshops for Self- transformation through handwriting. Through each persons individual handwriting, she can see the deeper, subconscious issues they may not be aware of. This motivates her for the betterment of humankind.
"Graphology has chosen me and hence I want to spread it for Happiness"