Sensual Gift Box

Our Sensual Gift Box is the perfect gift to ignite a sensual, loving and positive environment by addressing all aspects of your mind, body, spirit and space.

Clary sage, neroli and cedarwood are three essential oils that only when they are blended together, do you get this extraordinary rich, clean scent that takes on a completely new identity. This scent is amazing.

The candle fills the air with this intoxicating scent, the aromatherapy spray can be sprayed on face, sheets or clothing and the body oil will leave the your spirit responsive and your skin smooth and radiant.

For a unique and beautiful presentation, personalize this gift with a one-of-a-kind crystal and a hand burnished name tag for only $10 more. View pictures for details. Add the recipients name at check out in the messages field.

  • W 7 1/4" x L 71/4" x H 2 3/4" hand burnished box.