Couples Reiki


 Couples Reiki is a powerful way to deeply connect the mind, body and spirit together while infusing pure love and healing light into your relationship.

Reiki Master Mariko works on both of you together as you lay comfortably and fully clothed on your own massage table. While she has one hand on each of you, Mariko connects to the Universal healing energy of reiki while connecting the both of you together. She begins with a meditation and uses sound elements to enhance and deepen the experience. 

Couples Reiki enhances and balances the energy of the couple both individually and together. As our energy centers become balanced, we achieve more clarity which improves communication and opens the heart to more loving and peaceful actions. Also, as our energy centers become more aligned with that of our partners, we're better able to weather the natural, emotional challenges that occur in relationships

 As a result, you will feel more relaxed, grounded and connected to yourself and partner.