Private Reiki Sound Bath Session


Every private Sound Healing session is catered individually to the needs of the client. Robin's gentle hands-on touch of remote Reiki is amplified with resonant sound healing and crystal vibrations to heal physical ailments, stress, trauma, and restore overall wellness. Shamanic percussive instruments, Himalayan singing bowls, flutes, and sacred songs are used in each session. Sacred instruments used in sound healing help regulate and calm the nervous system, boost energy, let go of energetic blockages, and release emotions in order to facilitate the healing process.

Her crystal healing is a holistic, vibrational energy-based treatment that cultivates deep relaxation and emotional reflection to facilitate healing. The process incorporates the placement of specific stones on and around the body in a particular grid arrangement tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

You can expect to feel more grounded, have more clarity, and feel deeply rejuvenated. An energetic reset occurs with Robins sessions that induce a state of calm, enabling you to feel restored, more hopeful and allows for a deeper healing to occur.

Private one-on-one sessions are one hour. To book, call 718-789-4663 or email and let us know when you would like to do this. 

Solo Session- $175

Couples Session - $250




Robin Kang (Metsa Katé) is an intuitive multimedia Shamanic Sound Healing artist. She is an Initiatic student of Taino Elder Maestro Manuel Rufino, an Ollintlahuimetztli Moondancer, sacred song carrier, and a Certified Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master that creatively combines her training with shamanic energy work, sound and crystal healing to support a complete energy reset and tune your frequency to the place of bliss that is already inside you, the healing place of pure love where your body begins to heal itself.