Round Meditation Cushion

We've tested many meditation cushions and love this one the best! It has a sturdiness to it that can only come from densely packed buckwheat and a gentle pleasant scent from the lavender buds. 
It's the most essential and versatile cushion for any meditation practice. Whether you're sitting for hours or a moment, this classic round cushion made by Samaya, helps keep your posture at an ideal natural balance so you can stay relaxed and engaged during meditation without muscular strain.
We like how its so beautiful and versatile that you can even use it for a pillow on your couch when not in use for meditating.
  • Contains 6 pounds of buckwheat hulls for springy support, millet hulls for plushness, and a touch of dried lavender to help you relax and focus your senses. All filling ingredients are grown and processed in the USA.
  • Removable outer cover is dry clean only. Interior cushion containing filling should be kept dry.
  • Made in Los Angeles, California.