Positive Intention Matches - Long

Our Positive Intention Matches have turned an everyday item into a stunning object of beauty and meaning.

The long reach wooden safety matches are encouraged to be used while setting a positive intention. The rough cork top is cut directly from the renewable bark of cork oak trees (after being removed it grows back without damage to the trees). In addition to the cork top being environmentally and ecologically friendly, the match splints come from responsibly managed forests. Great for fireplaces, candles, grills.

  • Glass cylinder is 9" high, topped with a 3" round cork top. 
  • Contains seventy five long reach, wooden safety matches.
  • Striking surface is underneath the cork top.
  • Wood splints are from responsibly managed forests.
  • Ideal for lighting fireplaces, BBQ Grills, stoves, candles and more.
  • California Prop 65 warning: The match tip contains perchlorate materials, which release carbon monoxide and soot.
  • Can only be shipped ground, not by air. Sorry, cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere internationally