Akashic Records Reading


$200 -  1 hour

The Akashic Record is a vibrational archive of your soul’s, past, present, and future possibilities. During an Akashic Records Reading, Moriah channels guidance from your personal records and spirit team. She uses the Pathway Prayer Process founded by Dr. Linda Howe, which connects you to the heart of the Akashic Records, a place of compassion and clarity. 

In your Akashic Records reading, you can ask any questions, or discuss areas of life where you need support. Your spirit team brings you the information that is most helpful and relevant to your present self. Each reading is also a healing. Your team in the Akashic Records can help you clear blockages, connect with gifts from past lives, understand your place in the universe, and can give very practical real-world advice to aid in your goals. The possibilities are limitless, just like you!

When you purchase your reading, you will then be put in touch with Moriah to schedule. All sessions are held via Zoom and include a recording for you to download.

About the expert:

Moriah Simmons is an intuitive healer, mentor, and writer based in NYC. She offers 1:1 sessions, coaching, and group classes online. Her approach to healing is warm and down-to-earth; there's no judgement, and no sugar-coating, just the space for you to be exactly who you are. Each session offers soul insight and concrete tools for you to feel empowered and create your life as a whole and happy person.

A lifelong intuitive and seeker of wisdom, Moriah has a deep committed spiritual study, and brings elements of many modalities into her work. Moriah is a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Akashic Records Practitioner, a certified Life Coach through the Institute of Integrative Hypnosis, and a graduate of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey. She has also studied western esoteric history, mediumship, herbalism, meditation, crystal healing, ancestral work, and past life healing.

Connect with Moriah at her website: www.moriahsimmons.com