Artisanal Incense - Good Juju


Our legendary scent of Good Juju is now available in an 8" hand rolled, artisanal stick that clears away the bad and welcomes the good. 

This is not a sickly sweet, cheap, chemically derived incense. This is made from California White Sage that has been sustainably harvested and collected while in meditation, Palo Santo from Northern Peru (that has been protected and regulated by The National Forest and Wild Fauna Service) and Frankincense from Oman which has a reputation for producing superior-quality frankincense trees that deliver the highest-grade resin.


Each packet contains six 8" sticks.

Made from California White Sage, Palo Santo and frankincense resin, rolled on a bamboo stick.

Directions: light the end, and then blow out the flame to allow the smoke to waft around in your space. Do not leave unattended.