Crystal Grid Set



A Crystal Grid is an arrangement of specific crystals energetically aligned in sacred geomancy patterns to powerfully manifest your intentions. The wooden board that has been hand burnished with a sacred grid, replicates the energies of the Feng Shui Bagua Grid. It is a powerful tool to help consecrate your goals and intentions an manifest your desires.

Suggested Use: As you reflect on each area of your life (relationships, wealth, career, health, etc.) set your intention for that area as you place your crystal on your grid. 

This set includes a hand burnished wooden grid, a crystal guide sheet and a drawstring pouch of the following ten power crystals:


Selenite can be used to clear and activate the grid, as well as clearing your own auric field. Selenite opens the crown chakra and is wonderful for use in meditation to access higher consciousness. Selenite is known in the crystal world as a very protective stone. Use the wand to clear the grid and to activate your intentions once all crystals are placed.


ROSE QUARTZ - Relationships

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and the go-to stone for all matters of the heart and self-healing. A calming stone, Rose Quartz attracts love and heals relationships. Using this crystal in the relationship area of the grid helps to strengthen new and established relationships as well as increase feelings of compassion for yourself and others.


TIGER EYE – Helpful People and Travel

Tiger Eye is a high vibrational, protective and grounding stone. Used in the Helpful People corner of the grid, Tiger Eye draws individuals to you who wish to empower, assist and enhance your well- being and success. In your home environment, Tiger Eye will foster emotional strength, stability and balance. Keeping a Tiger Eye on you during travel will help you feel grounded and safe. Making travel plans becomes much easier when Tiger Eye assists you by bringing helpful people into the booking/planning process of travel.



Black Tourmaline is a protective and transformative crystal. It protects against electronic pollution and all types of negative energy (emotional, psychic, unintentional). Black Tourmaline has the ability to change dense energy into higher vibrational energy. Physically it will strengthen your immune system and also boost creativity in your work and personal life. Used in the Career section of the grid, Black Tourmaline protects against the negative thoughts or actions of others, keeps you grounded so you can make smart, informed decisions and bolsters your own vibration to attract others of similar thoughts and beliefs.


CALCITE – Health

Often referred to as “The Cleanser of Energy,” Calcite in a room cleans negative energy from the environment and heightens your energy within the body. Once the negative, stagnant energy is cleared away, Calcite helps to facilitate both physical and emotional well-being, making it easier to support health and fitness goals. Placing Calcite in the Health section of your grid will help de-stress the environment and promote a sense of calm. Much more can be said of this amazing crystal once you get into the different colors of calcite.


WHITE QUARTZ – Children and Creativity

A powerful healing crystal, White Quartz regulates, unblocks and increases energy. The unique aspect of white quartz allows it to tune into the energy needs of the individual who is wearing it (or in this case using it in a grid). White Quartz aids in focus and raises room or personal energy to a high vibrational level. Using it in the Children and Creativity area of the grid assists in clarity when setting goals and identifying areas of concern (i.e. Why is my child not sleeping through the night? How can I bring more creativity into my job? etc). It is calming, peaceful and encourages patience (very helpful in interactions with children).  The benefits of Quartz are endless!


AMETHYST – Knowledge and Spirituality

Amethyst is a very protective, powerful and highly spiritual crystal. A strong mental and physical healer; It enhances intuition and balances the mental body. Amethyst can calm the mind, allowing access to the knowledge you already have but could not access because it was blocked due to overthinking or stress. Using it in a grid helps block geopathic stress (Earth energy that can affect human health in a negative way) and encourage cerebral moments where you access your higher self. Amethyst is often used in meditation and can also promote a deep and restful sleep.


PYRITE – Wealth

The top choice stone for attracting wealth, abundance and good luck; Pyrite encourages and motivates you to pursue your dreams and think outside the box. It is the “Financial Advisor” of crystals and aids in decision making and manifesting in all things material. Pyrite will help to stimulate the Solar Plexus chakra which is associated with goals, ambitions, and the self-confidence needed to get to where you want to be in your career and financial goals.



Sodalite is all about communication. It is a beautiful blue stone that helps with clear, truthful communication and finding your inspirational voice. Using Sodalite in the family area of the Grid encourages strong interpersonal communication between family members as well as assisting individual members of the family in their communication needs (communicating with a tough boss, mending fences with a friend after a miscommunication). Sodalite inspires authentic communication and is helpful when working with groups of people. As an added bonus, it clears EMF pollution (especially electronic smog), which when cleared, brings up the entire vibration of the home energy.



Red Jasper will help you follow your call to fame by providing you with clear, direct energy that helps you feel grounded, stable and very supported in order to stop procrastinating and take action on your ideas and goals. With this beautiful red stone in your Fame area, you’ll stop making excuses to put off pursuing your dreams and take the action needed to make it happen. Red jasper is also a healing accelerator that helps increase physical stamina and aids in the healing of tissue, bone and reproductive issues. Known as the crystal of courage and change, Red Jasper helps remove emotional blocks and encourages you to become comfortable in your own personal power.

By Lisa Rodriguez, Reiki Practitioner  Certified Professional Crystal Healer   @ReikiLis


Wood Board 

A Selenite wand, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Calcite, White Quartz, Amethyst, Tigers Eye in a muslin drawstring bag. Size of crystals vary from 1-4".