Family Constellation Remote Session


Discover your familial hidden contracts, loyalties or triggers that are embedded in your psyche- either consciously or unconsciously - of your family dynamics through a Family Constellation Session with Paloma Shultz.

Family Constellation is an embodied (sensing and feeling) process that reaches into the underlying impulses that hold you back that may be inherited from your family.

While we receive lots of good things from our families, we are also vulnerable to carrying burdens, emotions, beliefs and traumas that inhibit our potential to make the most of ourselves and our relationships.

Bert Hellinger developed Family Constellation Work, an effective therapeutic process that helps to break destructive family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction. The results are often immediate and life-changing.

A session allows you not only to see and feel the dynamic you are caught up in, but also find better solutions with the ability to free yourself in a way that no other process can. This takes place in a brief process for permanent change and a new perspective.

If you have one specific question, a single one-to-one constellation may be the right choice.  Paloma also offers extended work, with regularly scheduled sessions, using systemic exploration, meditation, guided imagery, and other approaches. 

Together, you and Paloma will collaborate to discover the systemic resources that are particular to you that allow for change to happen. 

Family Constellation - Remote session/ Zoom. One hour and 30 minutes.

What to expect after family constellation:

How often can I do a session?
It is  important for the client to allow themselves time to process what they have experienced after the constellation and to not do too many constellations all at once. It is recommended to do one constellation a month.

How do I schedule this zoom session:                                                                       

After you purchase, we will send you and email introducing Paloma. She will then reach out to you for scheduling your zoom session.


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