Himalayan Yellow & Pink Quartz


Himalayan Quartz is an extraordinary, rare and ancient crystal, with a powerful, high vibration that comes from the tallest mountains in the world. We work directly with a family run operation in India that only have a small window to trek to these remote, high altitude locations where they must be carefully, hand extracted.

Himalayan Quartz is known as the crystal of self empowerment, to aid in personal change, give clarity and keep you calm. These minerals are believed to carry the vibration of the Shamanic Healers who have lived in the Himalayan Mountain regions for centuries. This one has both pink and yellow and is a rare beauty. 

This heavy, magnificent beauty emanates a sparkling, powerful radiance.


  • 16.9 pounds/ 7.7 Kg
  • Aprox 12" long and 12" wide from widest points
  • From India