Lux Box

The Lux Box is an extraordinary treasure. It’s handmade, multi-purpose and a forever vessel. This cement box comes with eight sticks of hand rolled non-toxic incense. The lid can be flipped to be used as an incense holder on the lotus side - or a gorgeous crystal on the other.

Since each raw crystal is unique, no box looks the same.


"Palo Santo" A powerful, herbaceous energy shifter that clears negativity, induces contemplation and deepens spiritual connection. Made only from all natural ingredients (charcoal, breu resin and powdered palo santo) and with no synthetic chemicals or toxins.

Lux Box is available in stone or black.

  • Directions: Flip the Lux Box lid over to the lotus side and nestle it back in the box. Light end of stick, then blow out to a steady stream of smoke while you set your intention for the day.
  • Extra packs of "Palo Santo" incense available here.
  • Each cement box will have varying characteristics due to the unique nature of each crystal.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" W x 5.5" L. Height of box is 2.5" and the lid height ranges from an additional .75" to 1" high (due to varying size of crystal).
  • Incense is hand rolled and all natural. No synthetic or toxic ingredients used. Made by Incausa
  • Carefully dispose of incense ash. Lotus can be wiped with dry cloth.
  • Each stick burns for 50 minutes.