Palo Santo in a Glass Cylinder


The Palo Santo tree can never be cut down. It must fall a natural death and lay untouched on the earth's floor for several years. During this time, the natural essential oils and healing properties develop and only then can it be harvested. Used for centuries by shamans of South America, when burned, this "holy wood" can powerfully purify and attract positive energy.

This uplifting, warm scent raises the vibration of your space, provides energetic protection, removes negativity and promotes healing and joy.

These carefully selected, premium, Palo Santo sticks come in a gold lotus glass cylinder topped with a sustainably harvested cork.


Our Palo Santo comes from a traditional community in Northern Peru. The National Forest and Wild Fauna Service (SERFOR) regulates harvest and commercialization of Palo Santo to protect it from illegal harvesting that can damage and hinder its natural growth and regeneration.

  • Small glass cork topped canister contains 4-5 pieces of Palo Santo.
  • Large Cork topped canister contains 23-28 Pieces of Palo Santo.