Palo Santo Power Pack


This mighty trio of Palo Santo incense, Palo Santo sticks and a Selenite Wand is a powerful way to purify and raise the vibration of your atmosphere while also balancing, restoring and cleansing your own energy field.

The Palo Santo tree can never be cut down. It must fall a natural death and lay untouched on the earth's floor for several years. During this time, the natural essential oils and healing properties develop and only then can it be harvested. Used for centuries by shamans of South America, when burned, in stick or incense form, this "holy wood" can powerfully purify and attract positive energy. 

Selenite wand, also known as ‘liquid light’ is a useful tool for spiritual cleansing. It can be used to clear other crystals, cleanse your aura or be placed under your feet for 15 minutes to restore balance and clarity. Helps to connect to your guardian angles, clear energy blockages in the body, aids in meditation and instilling peace and protection.

Our Palo Santo comes from a traditional community in Northern Peru. The National Forest and Wild Fauna Service (SERFOR) regulates harvest and commercialization of Palo Santo to protect it from illegal harvesting that can damage and hinder its natural growth and regeneration.

Directions: Set an intention as you hold the stick or the incense on an angle and light the tip. Visualize your intention and the outcome you desire. After one minute, blow it out so only smoke is produced. Place the stick on an angle, in a fireproof bowl or firmly place the incense in an upright position. Both may need to be re-lit several times so it will continue to release its essential oils and energetic properties.