Spiritual Crossroads Guidance

A Spiritual Crossroads Guidance session is a sacred form of introspection and inner work, not a party trick reserved for reading minds or telling the future. Rather, it’s a way of accessing divine wisdom and deep truths so that you are as empowered as you can be to GROW through whatever you GO through. 

When we combine [The] Star power + archaeology on the self, divine healing becomes our north star—our great cosmic flashlight— lighting our way as we excavate together the depths of you and unearth your greatest mysteries and treasures. 

This session is an in-depth one-on-one personal reading. Whether you have specific questions to ask, general uncertainty about certain areas of life you’d like insight on, or curiosity about what the cards might bring up on their own, this is a reading with time and space to really explore, reflect, and discover. Ready? Let's start digging.

About Desi:
Desi Domo is an intuitive tarot reader, writer, and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a Highly Sensitive Person who uses this superpower in collaboration with her professional training in storytelling to uncover truths in the real life stories that tarot shows her about her clients. Her approach is empathic, judgment-free, and honest. This seems to encourage true vulnerability with her clients, which unlocks true progress and discovery even in one single reading. Deeply devoted to spiritual growth, she has also studied astrology, herbalism, meditation, and holistic living.