The Holistic Home Co. School of Feng Shui Online Certification



If you've ever felt a sensitivity to your space, or a connection between yourself and your home, this course is for you. Learn how to create a space that is healthy, dynamic, organized, meaningful and vibrates at a whole other level!

 Dates: September 15th 2022  -  October 27th 2022. Seven Online Live Classes

Times: 6:30-8:30PM  EST. (If you can't attend a live session, you will receive a video recording of the session.)

Curriculum - The following topics will be covered:  A Brief History of Feng Shui, Chi, the Bagua Map, The Five Elements, Yin and Yang, Organization, The Health of The Home and The Aesthetics of Design. All of these topics will include ways to incorporate a fresh, modern perspective that is all inclusive of your own mind, body, spirit and space, as well as how to see that for your client. Electrical Magnetic Fields will be be explained as well as ways to mitigate them. How To Read A Floor Plan. Class Participant’s Floor Plan Discussions.

The Psychology of How We Dwell, Subconscious Symbolism and How Challenges in Life Manifest in the Space, How to See Imbalances and Fix Them, The Most Common Feng Shui Issues, Feng Shui’ing Your Mind, The Meaning Behind Decor Choices, How Fear Physically Shows Up in the Home, How to Tackle All Relationship Issues in Your Space, and Seeing Beyond What Your Client is Telling You.

Enhancing the Chi of your Space, Creating Sacred Spaces, Residual Energy, Effective Rituals and How to Enhance Your Intuition and Use it Effectively in your Consultations. How to Clear a Space and Ways to Create a Modern Altar.

The Future of Feng Shui, How to Incorporate This Course Into Your Current Occupation or Practice, A Step-by-Step of How to Give Your Clients Effective, Transformational Consultations, What to Do in Uncomfortable Consultations, Corporate Consultations, How to Enhance and Protect Your Chi, How to Market and Promote Yourself.

Preparation: After registration is complete, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete in order for this course to be customized to your specific needs. You will have to send your completed form and a hand drawing of your floor plan. It is recommended that you read The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind Body Spirit Space.

This course includes seven live Zoom classes. You will also receive a The Holistic Home Company VIP online discount for all future product purchases. 

Throughout the course, you will most likely experience inner shifts as you do work on yourself and your own space. Surprise guest lecturers, energetic gifts and more will delight you along the way.

Cancellation Policy: A full deposit (minus a $15 processing fee) can be refunded if cancellation is made 30 days prior to the first class. A 50% refund, minus a $15 processing fee can be issued within 30 days of the first class. No refunds will be issues 48h before first class.